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Gates and fencings

Up-and-over garage doors

Cost-effective and proven

Our NOVUM door is the cheapest up-and-oven garage door in its grade available in the market. Simple and conventional design solutions are a guarantee of low price and the reliable operation is confirmed by the satisfied customers.

The garage can be entered comfortably with no need to fully open the door with the wicket door installed in the panel. Now you can easily leave the garage, take out your bike or clean up your tools with no unnecessary effort.

Easy to use

Smooth operation is guaranteed by a pull spring system and self-adjustable rolls. The door is opened or shut in a stable, easy and reliable way. A two-point latch locking system will let you rest assured that the door is locked reliably to improve the security of your property.

As all the weld joints in the door design are replaced with bolts the smooth operation of the door is ensured for many years. The door frames of all up-and-over doors are made of hollow galvanized steel sections to eliminate the risk of possible corrosion.

With or without thermal insulation

Better thermal insulation and soundproofing of the room is achieved with the insulating materials used in the door and internal cladding of PVC panels. A non-insulated door can be a cheap solution for garages without heating system.

Sectional garage doors

You can save your space
Now you have more space in your garage. A door with a torsion spring can be even fixed to a 10 cm high door head. The space you can save under the ceiling can be arranged the way you want.

Save your efforts.
You can easily open and close the door manually with no unnecessary efforts. The smooth movement and failure-free operation of the door is a standard you will easily get used to.

Gain more opportunities.
A wicket door can be installed in a door with torsion springs. It is a comfortable solution which facilitates communication with no need to open the door fully.

Keep your home cosy.
When leaving early in the morning for work you will not wake up your family with the noise of the opening door. With the torsion springs the movement of the door is virtually soundless. And that’s what it is about.

Feel safe.
Torsion springs are a reliable and unfailing door mechanism equipped with an additional protection from uncontrolled fall of the door. This makes any situation 100% safe.

Roller garage doors

Comfortable operation of the door is ensured by the cylinder the door is equipped with. The roller door is the only one with electrical drive included in the price. The door operation is controlled using an indoor switch and an outdoor switch with a key. If you order an additional remote control you will enter your garage comfortable and safely no matter what weather. In case of a power outage the door can be opened manually using a crank.

Compact design of the door (no ceiling tracks and vertical door guiding) will save space in the garage and the driveway. The space you will save under the ceiling can be used the way you want: there you can place your skis, angles etc.

Proper illumination of the interior along with energy saving in a dark room (e.g. a garage without windows) can be achieved by installing sections with glazing in the door. Bottom chamber seal, brush seals in the guides and a seal screwed to the door head ensure reduced heat loss in the garage.

Safety of use is secured by a system of photocells, emergency brake and an optical safety bar. All such mechanisms make the door operation fully controllable. The emergency brake is installed for all doors of an area exceeding 9 m2 as a standard. Smaller doors can be equipped with an emergency brake additionally.

Many years of use are ensured by the application of high quality corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Industrial doors

Sectional industrial doors
MakroPro and MakroPro Alu are modern sectional doors intended for use in industrial buildings, food industry facilities, warehouse bays, workshops and utility rooms. With the solutions applied and the extension capabilities make the offer adaptable to the needs of any customer.

Roller industrial doors
BR-100 roller doors are automatic doors, comfortable in use, equipped with a 3-phase cylinder with an operator control unit. With the compact design they can be installed in almost any room.

Suspended industrial doors
Suspended industrial doors are an inexpensive and proven solution to be used for closing utility rooms, industrial floors or warehouses. They can be installed inside or outside the building as a curtain to separate two rooms. Their main advantage is a simple and threshold-free design as the door moves along a rail fastened to the door head.

Sectional and roller industrial doors are available on request in all dimensions within the following ranges: max. (W x H) 8000 x 5000 mm. A cost-effective solution is the purchase of a door in one of the seven typical sizes. See more at the manufacturer’s website.

Property fencings

Harmonious integration with any property irrespective of the size and landscape can be achieved with the modular design of the fencing system which includes gates, sections, wickets and poles. They can be composed and set up freely.

Many years of use with no need of maintenance is ensured by hot dip galvanizing of all the fencing components while the powder coating provides additional surface protection and aesthetic look.

Variety of forms and designs makes it possible to adapt the fencing to the surrounding architecture. We can offer several tens of infills starting from the simplest ones or classic solutions available in CLASSIC systems to sophisticated and original forms of STYL and LUX systems. Available in a wide range of colours and typical sizes or those available on request.

Easy to install
Smooth installation of the system is possible thanks to the modular design and special grips the poles can be equipped with. Also, the assembly sections with integrated hinges allow the installation of a double gate or a wicket on poles of any material within a new or existing fencing.

Find out more at the manufacturer’s website. Check the available colours.

Property fencing designs – LUX system
LUX system
Unconventional fencing design, rich patterns and sophisticated form add luxurious tone to any elegant property. It is perfectly suitable for fencing any villas or residences, monuments or religious buildings, governmental building or state offices

STYL system
Modernity dressed in a stylish form. Original design which adds unusual and individual nature to any property and subtly underline its unique nature. More than a dozen of patterns, broad range of standard or special colours in typical sizes or those available on request.

CLASSIC system
Classic form and shape, straight lines and yet a number of possibilities. More than a dozen of infill designs in typical sizes or those available on request, broad range of standard or additional colours. These model solutions blend perfectly with simple architectural forms and modern buildings

See the full product line of WIŚNIOWSKI:     http://www.wisniowski.pl/en/for-home/fences

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